Class Guidelines



CLASSES :  Classes begin in September and will run through June. Dance and yoga class consists of one hour of instruction each week:½ hour Tap and ½ hour Ballet with age-appropriate Hip Hop/Yoga mixed in every week. If a class consists of three or less students, classes will be held for 45 minutes. Should your preschool be closed or cancel class for ANY reason-weather, holidays, field trips, etc. - we are not responsible for a make-up class. Should we cancel class for any reason (other than weather), you may call for a prorated tuition if the class cannot be rescheduled. There are 2 snow days worked into the dance season, If more than 2 days per dance season are missed due to weather, we will either make-up the dance class or prorate your tuition. Please see our website, for a calendar of our holidays. 


Some of the children “dress-out” for dance class, and some do not. If your child will not be changing into dance attire, please have “gym type” clothing on for maximum mobility. Our teachers will change your child in and out of their dance attire. Please note that a small portion of dance class time is used to dress out for dance class. Please bring all dance items in a separate bag - i.e. a dance bag or a plastic grocery bag, etc. Please have your child wear a pull over dress to school on dance day. This enables your child to receive more “dance time” and less “changing of the clothes” time in the hour you are paying for dance class. IF your child arrives to preschool close to dance class time, feel free to bring your child to school already in her dance attire.

REGISTRATION: Register online –We send most communications through email and will send you additional info.


**TUITION IS DUE IN OUR OFFICE NO LATER THAN THE 5TH OF EACH MONTH (NOT mailed out on the 5th of the month). 

If your tuition is late, there will be an additional $10 late charge. 

Tuition is $50 per month.

**To mail in your dance payment: send check to DLS PO Box 74101 RICHMOND VA 23236. *Please be sure to write the dancer’s name and school on the memo line of the check to insure proper credit given to your child’s account. 


PARENT OBSERVATION : We do not send out progress reports for dance class; however, you are welcome to come and observe dance class at any time. We ask that if you are going to come and watch: that you do not let your child know you are there until after dance class, and that none of the children can see you. Please peek from the other room, through the window or the door. We have found, through experience, that when parents come into the room to watch class, the children (sometimes yours, and sometimes someone else’s) do not dance or do not dance to their full potential. This can be disruptive to the dance instruction. For security purposes, only the Daycare or DLS employees may help the children get dressed or use the restroom.

WITHDRAWL : Notification of dancer’s withdraw from class must be in writing: email or letter. If notification is NOT given by dancer’s parent/guardian to Mobile Yogis and Dance, then any refund is void and not owed to the parent/guardian. Your school is not responsible for informing us of the status of your dancer. 

SPECIAL NOTE : Mobile Yogis and Dance reserves the right to terminate any student’s enrollment in dance class at any time, for any reason. A parent or guardian may withdraw their child from dance class at any time, for any reason. Mobile Yogis and Dance reserves the right to use group or individual photos taken at class, but not limited to our program promotions, displays and material. We only communicate through email, so make sure we have a correct email address for you.

**Please contact Virginia at (804) 873 1936 or email, with any questions or concerns. 

Or visit our website at: